Defensive Driving

4 Hour Defensive Driving Course

One of the constant challenges of driving is that laws change, driving techniques change, and traffic congestion continues to get worse. Whether you need a court ordered class, an employer directed class, or are simply looking for a way to reduce your insurance costs, our defensive driving course will meet your need.

We often receive great reviews from people who attend the course expecting a boring instructor scolding them about speeding, and other risk factors. Our course goes much deeper into technology changes, law changes, and some basic psychology to help drivers of all skill level improve their understanding of the ever-changing driving scene.

We hold our Defensive Driving Course once each month at our Yakima Parkside location. Call us at 509-457-6862 for more information, and to enroll in a class.

Please bring your Drivers License, Permit or Photo ID.

I felt welcomed in class."

Richland High Student

The instructor helped us by telling stories and making it fun

Eisenhower High Student

I think I am a better driver now that I have gone through Parkside.

Selah High Student

Yakima: 509.457.6862 | Tri-Cities: 509.987.1697