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  • Serving Washington Since 1997

    The story about Parkside is not so typical. We not only have a passion for traffic safety, we also race cars in competition.

    You might be thinking… I don't know if I want my son/daughter taught to drive by some racer… Well, let us explain. The form of racing Parkside competes in requires high precision driving, and the ability to identify and react correctly (and quickly) to risks on the track, weather changes, or changes with the car. As it turns out, those are the exact same skills that make a great driving instructor. It's a little like seeing the future. We often see new drivers' mistakes before they know they're making them.

    From this racing history, Parkside has developed a course that does all the things any typical traffic safety course does, but we go beyond that. We believe learning to drive must be a fun, confidence building experience supervised by highly trained driving instructors. We believe our students learn and retain information best when they feel safe and when they are not afraid to make a mistake.

    Parkside Driving School works hard to create that experience for every student, and we strongly believe that is what makes us the best!

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